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We are contract manufacturers of sterile medicinal products
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Manufacturing Plants

IBC owns two manufacturing plants, one in the City of Buenos Aires, with an area of 2,200 m2 and the other in Ituzaingó area, province of Buenos Aires, with a covered area of 3,500 m2. The 5,700 m2 covered area, used for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical injectable products and as a warehouse, meet the highest construction quality standards. The laboratory areas provide our professionals, technicians and operations staff with the right space to perform their work, which results in our highly qualified finished products. All our facilities meet the highest GMP standard specifications.
Our new Ituzaingó plant has an area intended exclusively for the manufacturing of lyophilized injectable products and two Telstar pieces of equipment to that end, as well as a newly opened 1,500 m2 entirely isolated covered area for beta-lactam antibiotics, equipped with the latest technology to meet the highest production standards.

Annual production capacity

12 million units
Liquid Vials
1.2 million units
Lyophilized products in the Bogotá plant
2.2 million units
Lyophilized products in the Ituzaingó plant
2.8 million units