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We are contract manufacturers of sterile medicinal products
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Corporate Profile

Instituto Biológico Contemporáneo S.A. (IBC) is a company made up of Argentinean capital and dedicated solely to the production of injectable medicine specialties for both the local and foreign pharmaceutical industry.

Since it was founded in Buenos Aires in 1989, IBC has developed a policy based on continuous improvement and growth, which is why today it owns two new plants, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the area of Ituzaingó, province of Buenos Aires. One of them has been, since its opening in 2007, exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of lyophilized products. Recently, a new plant has been built and isolated for the manufacturing of injectable products under the form of beta-lactam sterile powder on an exclusive basis.

IBC has always been dedicated to providing a quality service to all its customers.

Besides its qualified staff and its team of 12 professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, IBC owns the required machinery, facilities and instruments to develop its business under strict GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards, which govern the pharmaceutical industry. To this end, since 1997 it has developed a plan to invest in equipment and facilities which has enabled it to broaden its market and include countries in Latin America and Asia. IBC currently has local certifications as ANMAT, and international ones such as MERCOSUR and INVIMA (Colombia).

Therefore the Mercorsur certification for the Lyophilized for Injection Plant located in Ituzaningo was given by ANMAT in October 2013. Finally, IBC has a Site Master File as constitutive document of the Company generated/ designed/ built up by Quality Assurance Area. This document describes not only the facilities of each plant that IBC has but also the activities carried out.